One question we often get in relation to Rev is how best to manage registration and reporting for webinars? Rev’s support for external, video-enabled webinars has been available for some time, but we’re seeing the use and adoption grow significantly as more and more customers understand the power of video to connect to audiences. Webinars need to evolve past the basic audio plus PowerPoint webinar. People want to see the speaker for the live presentation and Rev offers the video webinar capability to deliver HD video globally distributed audiences. (See our Video Conference Integration page to discover just how easy it can be with Rev)

Marketo is one of the recognized leaders in the marketing automation space and used by several VBrick customers. When handling webinar registrations, the workflow within Marketo is one that should be familiar to most Marketo users. Webinar registration is similar to posting a whitepaper behind a registration form: email invites and landing pages. Here we will look at where Rev fits into the registration pre-event and post-event.

For those that may not be aware, Marketo already has a webinar event type in their marketing activities section. You can find this when selecting New Program, then Program Type of Event and Webinar under Channel. This lets you create your webinar program. (In this case, I have a Campaign Folder called “Webinar” so that all webinar programs are in the same folder)

new program


Once you create the webinar program, then you can start adding assets to the webinar such as emails and landing pages. At this point, campaign creation to invite users is no different from any other email program. You create your invite that contains the webinar details and description and you create your registration page with webinar details and registration form with your desired email list segment.

landing page


Still working in the webinar program, you will now create a Smart Campaign where you define the confirmation email logic and schedule like the screenshots here:

smart list


The email confirmation body is where you will send the newly registered user details about the actual webinar. The registration confirmation is the first time the Rev event URL will be necessary. The easiest method is to link to the calendar file Rev creates natively. This has the webinar details already prefilled in the file.

In Rev, navigate to the webcast and right click on the “Add to My Calendar” button and copy the link address. Then in your registration confirmation email in Marketo, add a hyperlink to ‘Add this Event to My Calendar’ using the URL.
rev calendar

At this point, you are ready to invite users to your webinar and start collecting those registrations. When it is time for the webinar, registrants will click the link in their calendar event to join the webinar in Rev and you are ready to host your video enabled webinar.

After the event, you are going to track which of your registrants attended the webinar. This is easily done using the attendee export from Rev. Navigate to Rev and download the “Attendees – CSV” file. This will give you a CSV file of all your attendees with their names and emails provided when they joined the webinar.


rev download


Navigate to your webinar in Marketo and click on the “Members” tab. You will see a list of registrants in “Invited” status. Click on the “Import Members” option in the sub-navigation menu. Select the file you downloaded from Rev in step 1. In step 2, you will only need to map the Name and Email Address fields from the Rev attendee file.

step 2


In step 3, select the status of “Attended.” This will set the attendees status to attended while leaving the names that did not attend in “Invited” status. This will give you a list of members that did and did not attend your webinar and using that status you can segment and target your customers for follow up according to their attendance status and add this activity into your lead scoring models.

step 3


Marketo is a great tool for marketing teams and Rev is a Leader according to Gartner’s latest Enterprise Video Magic Quadrant. We offer monthly demos of our products with video enabled webinars and free trials as well if you are ready to try us out for your next webinar.

Next, we will look at using Rev and Pardot for webinar success.