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Rev for Law Firms

It’s time to modernize your law firm.  Your videos need to be organized and be searchable.  When a tough case is at hand and you need to retrieve a particular deposition, use Rev, Vbricks’ video content management platform.  Instead of watching thousands of videos to find relevant content, use our search capability so that you can be more productive and get back to your critical legal work. Vbrick’s solution brings enhanced search features that  allow employees to find and locate specific video content across all video assets.  Powered by artificial intelligence capabilities including facial recognition and machine transcription, Vbrick’s Rev IQ module for enterprise video enriches videos with information about who appears in a video and what is being said.

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Vbrick Rev offers leading law firms:

  • A single, secure platform which is required to handle sensitive data
  • The ability to manage and share video content in a secure and searchable video platform
  • A solution where you can easily search videos by speaker and/or by what has been transcribed.
  • Every video is stored and filed and ready for you to find at a moment’s notice.

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Rev IQ Overview
Rev IQ leverages artificial intelligence to empower you to find the video content you need when you need it.

Ingest Video

Ingest video from any device and allow anyone to be able to watch or download from anywhere and at anytime.

Keep Content Secure

Law firms deal with sensitive and confidential information.  As a matter of fact, the American Bar Association concluded that sensitive client information should no longer be shared using unencrypted email.  The same goes for content that resides within a video.  Ensure that your content is secure by having a video platform that meets the highest level of security standards.

Retrieve Valuable INformation

Because each video is transcribed, you can easily search for relevant content by using key words.  Additionally, you can find a particular person using facial recognition.