With graduation season upon us, this could be a great time for corporate marketing teams to take a hard look at your YouTube video channels and consider whether it’s also time to graduate to a platform that’s better suited for enterprise video.

Companies are learning that open social media platforms – like YouTube and Facebook – have a definite downside in that it’s nearly impossible to control the other content that appears alongside your brand or ads.

Not to bash YouTube – it’s been a huge driver of video creation, publishing and sharing really anywhere and for anyone. Even today, nearly 500 user-made videos are uploaded to the site every minute, with a trillion viewers using the site across the planet.

Enterprise video wouldn’t be where it is without YouTube – and it can still play an important role in your overall awareness and social media mix.

What you don’t get with YouTube is brand safety – a risk that most large organizations can’t afford to take. Just last month, more than 250 advertisers pulled YouTube spend because their ads were appearing alongside extremist content.

On the flip side, for those who aren’t advertisers but just have company YouTube channels, you also can’t control what ads could pop up alongside your videos. Inappropriate ads can pop up, negatively impacting your brand by association, competitor ads can make you look naive, and ads for nearly anything online can draw viewers away from the story that you’re trying to tell.

There’s a better way: host videos using your own website and directly control the video experience with an enterprise video platform. It’s never been easier, or more cost effective, to do so. For a predictable and affordable rate, you can host thousands of videos in the cloud and serve them up exactly the way you want them to be seen: on landing pages, in ads, and on your website. Your employees, partners and customer will get the same consistent experience – regardless of device or platform – without apps or plugins.

You can also hit the demand-gen jackpot with unlimited, self-service live streaming webinars. Say goodbye to your production companies, video switchers and rented studio costs; today’s webinar platform lets you launch an HD-quality webcast with slides or full-motion video right from any conference room with a video conferencing end point. Best of all, you don’t have to fly in your subject matter experts, customers or analysts for your high-powered webinar panel; just send your speakers to a nearby VC-equipped room to become part of the live broadcast. Viewers will see the webcast automatically switching between active speakers, using Cisco end points, whether they’re in London or Long Beach.

The technology, and pricing, makes enterprise video platforms easy and practical to power marketing programs across the globe.

So as we celebrate those students graduating to the next level of their studies and careers, let’s us video marketing pro’s think about getting better control over our online video brand by driving buyers, partners, analysts and investors to an HD-quality video experience on our own websites, landing pages and microsite – like we do here at VBrick – take a look!