How the Best Enterprise Video CMS’s Got Ranked in the Aragon Research Globe

The 6th iteration of the Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video was just released this month and evaluated 15 distinct vendors. Those providers evaluated needed to be able to manage all forms of video, including both live and on-demand video. The two key user types identified with critical enterprise needs were employees and customers. The platforms were compared to each other along three key categories: Strategy, Performance, & Reach. Details of these criteria used by Aragon Research are outlined in depth below.  

Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video 2019

A comprehensive analysis of the Enterprise Video industry profiling key enterprise vendors and the core capabilities to needed for 2020.

“Due to the sheer growth of video [applications], we expect that it will not be uncommon for multiple platforms to be deployed”
Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video


Strategy reflects the degree to which a vendor has the market understanding and strategic intent that are at the forefront of market direction. That includes providing the capabilities that customers want in the current offering and recognizing where the market is headed.

The Strategy evaluation included:


Performance represents a vendor’s effectiveness in executing its defined strategy. This includes selling and supporting the defined product offering or service.

The Performance evaluation included:


Reach was the final criteria by which Aragon Research rated vendors, and is a measure of the global footprint by which a vendor can deliver. Reach could have one of three values: national, international, or global.

The primary world regions were categorized as:

Our Take On Why Vbrick was ranked as a market place leader


Scalability was designated as a primary criterion for any enterprise that would be hosting many thousands of video content files. With specialized capabilities including the ability to effectively live stream to many thousands of concurrent users, first-party content delivery solutions, as well as cloud and on premise options that enabled innovative video features on existing IT infrastructure. Also, while many in the industry have since added such features in recent years, Vbrick has had delivery prioritized since the inception of the Rev platform

AI Features

Aragon noted, “The new focus going forward will be on ease of use and better understanding of video content by leveraging video analytics.” Vbrick’s announcement of Rev IQ earlier this year cemented our status as a leader in this area.


Complete solutions that offer flexible integration with other applications and provide the necessary core functionality for managing all forms of video. By offering a complete platform, Vbrick reduces the complexity of video management by eliminating the need for multiple platforms. Providers that offered more integration into existing delivery channels and applications hold a competitive advantage over others. Our rich partnership with Cisco, the market leader for video conferencing business solutions, also was cited as a key strength of Vbrick.

Highly Secure Video Delivery

Vbrick offers a unique value proposition for secure video by being one of the few in the industry who can claim FedRAMP certification. Read more about Rev’s 3 tier approach to keeping video content secure in your organization

Are you interested in reading the 2019 Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video for yourself? You can purchase the report from Aragon directly for $2,495, or alternatively you can download a copy of the report free (with registration) from Vbrick.