CIO Magazine just published an article covering a topic we at Vbrick live and breathe every day: that live streaming video – for all of its benefits to engage, inspire and connect employees anywhere – also poses unique challenges when it’s used within the enterprise.

Analysts we work with regularly, including Adam Preset from Gartner Research and Nick Barber from Forrester Research, are quoted describing both the benefits of video in the enterprise while cautioning about the harm that video can cause when social platforms are the messenger.

The article describes how Facebook live is driving personal live streaming use and that employees are bringing it into the workplace because they understand how they can use personal technology (like iPhones) to do their jobs better.

As a top provider of video for enterprises, we’ve seen that CEOs of multinational corporations are frequently the catalyst for enterprise live streaming because they know they can use it to make a powerful and personal connection with tens or hundreds of thousands of remote employees. They also know its impact on the bottom line: studies show video improves employee engagement and boosts productivity. Product managers, training and marketing teams also know if they use video to ‘show vs. tell,’ they can rollout products, onboard sales teams, and generate demand – better and faster than traditional ways.

Consumer live streaming platforms, as awesome as they are for driving awareness and adoption, serve different purposes than enterprise platforms. Consider just these few:

  • Consumer live streaming platforms deliver ‘good enough’ video quality; enterprise platform customers demand TV-quality broadcasts
  • Consumer live streaming platforms broadcast to the world; enterprise live streaming platforms broadcast only to authorized viewers
  • Consumer platforms don’t offer secure streaming; secure streaming is essential with enterprise platforms
  • Consumer platforms use unlimited internet bandwidth; enterprise platforms use corporate networks with limited bandwidth
  • Consumer platforms invite the world to comment and share; enterprise platforms require tight controls over conversational tools

Also, unlike consumer streaming video sites, business solutions need to provide the controls, security and quality that enable a company to keep information confidential and ensure that public facing video upholds the company’s brand and reputation. Beyond technology, companies also need social media policies that cover employee live streaming – especially at company locations or events where confidential information may unintentionally be included in a shot.

At the same time, we know that the more video a company uses, the more successful they’ll be. So we made sure Rev makes it easy for any employee to create great quality videos that can be uploaded for review and publishing – to everyone, or only to select groups.

Social platforms are driving video use, and that’s great! But thanks to technologies like Rev, the chasm for business streaming adoption is now in sight. Rev uniquely gives businesses the enterprise platform they need to unleash video’s full potential through a consumer-like experience that makes everyone want to use it.