Host Your Internal Podcasts with Rev

As organizations continue their adoption of video, we found that many of them also want to make content available to people on the go. However, video is not always conducive to drivers or people making their way through airports, for instance. To answer the call, Rev now supports podcasts.

Organizations of any size can take advantage of this great feature by uploading .mp3 files to the same system – Rev – that they use for their on-demand video. It lets content creators upload audio-only versions that can appear alongside normal videos in their Rev library. This is a great alternative for road warriors who want to listen to necessary material without the distraction of watching a speaker.

Furthermore, when using podcasts with Rev, you get to take advantage of all the great content management and distribution features Rev offers, such as granular user permissions, transcription with speech search, expiration management, and secure playback. Enjoy!