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Deliver amazing video experiences across your entire network

Vbrick Distribution is our flexible, secure, scalable enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) designed to handle the bandwidth and latency challenges that come with streaming video on a private network.

Why you need secure, scalable video delivery on a private network

Streaming video – either live or recorded – can easily overwhelm enterprise networks that aren’t designed to handle it. Without an eCDN, every time someone clicks to watch a video, a unique streaming session is created. Multiply that by 100 or 10,000 and you’ve got a potential disaster with a seriously slow network and really poor user experience — not to mention the challenges this causes for your technical teams. Your network has to be flexible enough to meet the demands of a hybrid workforce.

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Distributing Enterprise Video
our video distribution solutions are capable of live streaming, on-demand video caching, and network recording.

Build the perfect ecdn, only pay for what you use

Vbrick Distribution uses a portfolio of native eCDN technologies to optimize these streams, minimize network impact, and deliver the best possible quality to your audience. No two networks are the same, which is why multiple eCDN technologies are included to deploy a solution that’s right for your enterprise.


Peer to Peer


Vbrick’s caching solution is built on our proprietary Distributed Media Engine (DME), an edge network device that supports both live streaming and on-demand video delivery.

We utilize WebRTC technology to help optimize bandwidth by redistributing video among connected devices. The best part? There’s no software required to download. Just use your favorite web browser.

Vbrick’s Multicast solution is the most efficient way to stream at scale, enabling you to send a single video stream to your entire audience using the bandwidth required for one viewer.


Key Features

Pay as You Go – Our consumption-based model gives you the flexibility to only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Unlimited Deployment – No server license. Scale up and down quickly to address network challenges as they arise.

Security – We use end-to-end encryption and are FedRAMP certified.

Analytics & Management – Monitor your network and streaming performance in real-time through our Vbrick Rev portal.


“Cloud-only solutions believe that most organizations have perfect bandwidth everywhere, Vbrick is extremely invested in the Enterprise Content Distribution Network (eCDN) and this is extremely important to most corporate implementations.”

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Vbrick is a leader in for Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) on G2

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