Enrichment with Video AI


With millions of videos being watched every minute, video represents an overwhelming majority of storage and bandwidth usage within the modern enterprise. As massive corporate investments in digital transformation continue to under deliver, there is an obvious culprit: big data will only deliver value with the right technology and analytics to transform it into something practical. If video content is the biggest of big data, what has your corporation been doing to ensure maximum returns from investing in it?

Powered by artificial intelligence, Rev IQ unlocks the value trapped in a company’s video library. Rev IQ uses facial recognition and machine transcription to automatically enrich videos with information about who appears in a video and what is being said. This transforms videos from just being bulky media files with sparse metadata into fully searchable files rich with value for roles across the enterprise.

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Searching for Video Content Using AI
Rev IQ leverages artificial intelligence to empower you to find the video content you need when you need it.

Person Recognition

Rev IQ will use computer vision algorithms to recognize and tag speakers. This enables filtering by the specific videos they can be found within, as well as jumping to the precise scenes in which they appear.

Machine Transcription

Create dialogue transcripts for your videos that empower closed captions, localization across multiple languages, and the ability to search granularly for specific content and topics within your video library.

Contextual Information

Rather than just using this new data for search engines, Rev IQ can highlight this information for users as they watch the video. The ability to see the context of who is in a scene and what they are saying will bring a consumer-class streaming experience to your corporate video library while making them more accessible and flexible in usage.