Enterprise Video Distribution

Enterprise Video Distribution

a perfect viewing experience

High-quality video requires large amounts of bandwidth or architectural planning. Companies demand high-quality video experiences for their viewers around the world but often are limited by corporate network resources.  We work with all technologies and networks to ensure that all viewers have a perfect viewing experience.

Vbrick has built the most reliable enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) on the market. Developed in-house and natively integrated within the Rev platform, our video distribution solutions are capable of live streaming, on-demand video caching, and network recording.

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Distributing Enterprise Video
our video distribution solutions are capable of live streaming, on-demand video caching, and network recording.

Decentralized Distribution

Rev makes video distribution simple to meet the needs of any size organization. Rev coordinates real time communication between Distributed Media Engines (DMEs) or RevConnect, our agent-less peer-assisted eCDN solution, to ensure optimal video delivery and performance.

Intelligent Content Prepositioning

Rev manages how video files are transferred, ensuring content is only transferred to regional locations. First request caching to transfer to the edge is only supported as needed.

Live Stream Insight & Control

Rev features a real-time eCDN dashboard to ensure that live streamed events are executed without any embarrassing technical hiccups. You’ll have the ability to manipulate streams on-the-fly with reflection, transmuxing, transrating, bundling, and adaptive bit rate options.

Hybrid Cloud Flexibility

Application logic, video assets and transcoding can be deployed separately internally or in the cloud. Leverage DME network nodes for in-network consumption, or differ out-of-firewall users to external distribution networks like Akamai.


The Power of Rev



Transform video from any source so anyone anywhere can innovate.



Unify all video assets to easily organize, secure and share them at scale.



Broaden the reach of video and empower users where they live.


The Rev Platform provides best-in-class security, seamless integration, comprehensive analytics, and data enrichment to raise your video IQ.