Enterprise Video for Finance

Enterprise video is designed to be deployed across numerous sectors; providing retail companies with compliance videos, healthcare with updates of new technologies and education with whole chapters on the latest curriculum.  For these sectors and more, considerations are tailored based on how the business works and how best to adopt video as commonplace, just as in finance.


With so much sensitive information in finance, confidentiality is critical, not only externally but also between employees and departments.  Servers, upon which videos are stored must be secured, cloud solutions offer server less options so that content is never associated with a single piece of hardware.  Alternatively using a hybrid model where some services are on premise can create a network of services that constantly move and secure the content closest to the relevant user.

Security does not stop with hardware and encryption, knowing whom is allowed to watch what is also important.  A service should provide the ability to create user groups and approval hierarchies, allowing content to flow to the right people without other teams even being aware that the video/s even exist, this is especially important for teams such as HR or finance.


Several years ago, technology infrastructure in finance followed a set structure, servers were stored in central data centres and users connected to the services they needed from their desk.  Since then, with the introduction of the cloud, the rules have been rewritten. A more global and flexible workforce coupled with the expectation that technology at work will match that of the consumer market means  there are now several deployment options for video software.

Video is presented best when there are multiple options to deliver content to the end user; for example, creating a shared video over webRTC, presenting the content from a single location via multicast, having a cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) for users outside of the offices, or even caching video locally on a server.  Having many options within finance enables the technology teams to identify and implement a solution that best meets their compliance requirements, especially where these terms might differentiate market to market.


A final key area to address in finance is adoption.  It may be said that the industry is more hesitant to on-board new technologies due to there being multiple teams and stakeholders required to sign off a deployment. The production of the videos are expected to be of high quality to mirror what employees can see at home; once video has been set up, secured and deployed it, senior teams can utilize it to consistently encourage the adoption of content.  There are key areas to address when implementing video in business but once it is being used, it can greatly improve communication and interactivity across departed and between individual employees.