Engage Employee Podcast: The New Digital Workplace

Engage Business Media Editorial Director, Steve Hurst, is joined by Shelly Heiden, CEO of Vbrick Systems, to discuss the role video is playing in the new digital workplace.  Digital transformation initiatives and the more recent Covid-19 pandemic have accelerated the use of video to support communication and collaboration.  Vbrick and its industry-leading enterprise video platform Rev are leading the video revolution. Shelly has been at Vbrick as CEO since 2104 and in that time, she has grown Vbrick into a leader in the enterprise video platform market. Before Vbrick Shelly was an EVP of Global Field Operations at Plateau, where she was responsible for all customer-facing organizations worldwide, including sales, marketing, service & support, and also managed the company’s acquisition by SuccessFactors/SAP.

Originally Published at https://engageemployee.com/