Effective Video Strategies for Employee Retention

Companies want to make sure that all of their new hires are successful and that the talent is retained.  Hiring, training and getting people up to speed is costly and takes a lot of time before an employee becomes effective.  Many companies are putting a lot of effort in employee on-boarding and ongoing training so that new hires and colleagues are set up for success and have a desire to stay.

On-boarding plays a significant role in the retention of employees.  As a matter of fact, 47% of corporations note that their top metric for on-boarding success is measuring the one year turnover rate for new hires.  Human Resources and Training, therefore, must focus on relevant on-boarding programs that address the modern workforce that is scattered throughout the world, working from home and using a multitude of devices.

Enter Video

Video has been a popular medium of choice to deliver new employee training on demand. The reasons are clear:

Next Steps

When employees onboard and are provided with the proper training which they can digest at their convenience, they are more likely to feel loyal to the company and become effective much more quickly.  Ongoing training is a must so that employees can feel as though they can grow with the company as opposed to seeking new skills elsewhere.

If you are starting to embrace video for your employee training and on-boarding, start with a high level strategy. You should determine what type of style you would like to use.  Additionally, look at the content that you already have.   Understand your corporate goals and align yourself to those so that you can start to prioritize what topics to handle first.  After you have an overall strategy in place, you are on your way to capturing videos that can be used throughout the organization.