Vbrick’s industry solutions accelerate the evolution of your video management system, whether you’re in the public sector, B2B technology, or consumer industries. Our intuitive and easy to use video management and distribution platform helps you manage costs, keep assets secure, connect teams, retain employees, and have an edge on the competition.

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Top technology companies need to move fast. Their technology evolves quickly and their growth targets are aggressive, making streamlined knowledge transfer and time to productivity for employees critical to their ultimate success. Companies who standardize on video and move rapidly towards an innovative culture have a tremendous advantage over their less innovative peers.


Our Financial Services customers place a high value on effective collaboration. They use Rev to establish leadership via live broadcasts from trading floors and financial centers; ensure acuity of advisers across the globe using secure live webcasts that reach any device, anywhere; and provide time- and place-shifted learning opportunities to enhance associate capabilities and competency.


Life sciences and healthcare is one of our strongest customer sectors. They use Rev to video enable their workflows, from using video testimonials to attract patients researching medical facilities, to broadcasting expert knowledge to medical and research partners across the globe. With the healthcare industry moving towards preventive care as a means to reduce costs, Rev’s intuitive video on-demand portal makes it easy to improve patient outcomes with post-treatment video tutorials accessible on any device, anywhere in the world.


Rev offers government agency staff and contractors advanced video creation, management and distribution tools to communicate ideas and project status at scale, collaborate between local and remote teams, agencies and departments, with a focus on productivity and lowering costs. Launch live webcasts to align and inform each organization, share knowledge videos in a highly secure portal, and enhance existing communication and collaboration activities with the power of video.


Use live events and video webinars to educate member management teams on the latest benefit programs to improve claim accuracy, shorten claim cycle times, lower staffing needs, and improve member satisfaction.


Law firms deal with sensitive and confidential information. More and more, lawyers are adopting video depositions as part of the legal strategy. This video content must be secure and searchable. Ensure that your content is secure by having a video platform that meets the highest level of security standards.