Consumer-Grade Experience Promotes Video Platform Usage

These days, it’s easy to see how incredibly smart and technologically advanced consumers have become. Now, they have expectations – expectations you meet and exceed or you lose their business and the business of their entire social following. Businesses can’t settle now when they find something that works. They make it better. They create constant demand – demand for upgrades, change, unique experiences and anything that makes customers’ lives operate more efficiently.

But, those same demands for fast, effective and progressive communication are now spilling over into the business environment. That’s why it’s become fundamentally important to bring proven consumer-grade experiences to employees, and the Rev® enterprise video platform does just that. Let’s take a look.

Rev® is responsive. Whether employees are on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, they’ll have a simplistic, well-organized view of the video portal that dynamically resizes for video viewing from any device.

Rev® is social. Common, and now expected, social features such as ratings, comments and sharing help increase employee engagement and boost credibility.

Rev® is centralized. Providing access to a single portal where employees can access everything, from live streaming events to searchable on-demand content, eliminates confusion and helps drive organization-wide usage.

Enterprise video has never been easier to use and scale to your business needs. Take a look at this consumer-grade experience for yourself.

Watch our Rev demo: