An integration between Vbrick Rev and Cisco Webex Teams creates a synergy for users to stay up to date with current videos.

Share videos easily from Rev directly to Webex Team spaces or to Webex Team contacts without having to leave Rev.

Create subscriptions to Webex Team spaces to receive notifications of new videos so you never miss important updates.

Easy integration ensures Webex Teams and Rev users are always in sync with the latest video content.


Users can share video directly from within Rev. Users can share videos generically or they can link to specific time points in a video so that they can highlight only a relevant section of a video.

Share to Spark Feature


Users can create subscriptions so they are notified of new content directly within a Webex Team space. This makes it easy and seamless to stay up to date with new videos added to Rev.

Integrating Rev & Spark

Share a video to a Webex Team room:

  • Navigate to a Video.
  • Click the Sharing > Link tab to display Spark sharing options for the video.
  • Select the Start at: checkbox to specify a specific time to start playing the video when the link is clicked. Otherwise it will start playing from the beginning.
  • Click the Share To Spark button to share a video link and custom message to a selected Spark room. (Each user’s Spark rooms appear in the drop down menu)

Subscribe a category to a Webex Team room:

  • Navigate to Media > Browse Videos > Category.
  • Click the Subscribe via Spark button to subscribe the category to a Spark room. When new videos are added to this category, a message will be automatically posted to the selected Spark room with a link to the new video.

How to Create and Enable Cisco Webex Team Integration

In order to enable the Spark integration, you must create a Spark API app to grant Rev permissions to Spark. This is done through the Cisco Developer site.Create an app in Spark with the following settings: Redirect URI(s)
  • <Rev URL > /spark/oauth/cb
  • Example:
 Scopes- Select the following scopes:
  • List the titles of the rooms that your users are in
  • Post and delete messages on your users behalf
  • Once the Spark application is created, use the Client ID and Client Secret you obtain to set up the integration in Rev, described below.
 Enable the Spark Integration in Rev:
  • Navigate to Admin > Media Settings > Features.
  • Select the Spark Integration Enabled checkbox.
  • Enter the Client ID provided to you by the Spark app.
  • Enter the Client Secret provided to you by the Spark app.
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