Rev Webex Teams Bot

Extend the value of Cisco Webex Teams with a simple chatbot for meeting recording and video searching.

  • Add the Webex Teams bot to any Teams space ahead of time or on-the-fly.

  • Simple integration to your Vbrick Rev account so all your Rev users can use the bot.

  • Extend Rev search directly into Webex Teams spaces so users can stay in Teams.

Meeting Record

Add recording capabilities to any space in Teams. Leverage Rev’s cloud-based SIP integration to create a dynamic meeting recording that includes both video and content in high definition.


Video Search

Users can stay right in Teams while searching your Rev video library. A simple command to the Rev Webex Teams bot and users are able to find videos in Teams just the same as if they were in the Rev portal.

Using the Vbrick Rev Webex Teams Bot

Getting Started

To begin using the Rev Webex Teams bot:
  • You must do a 1:1 message to the bot to setup – the bot address is vbrickrev@webex.bot
  • Type “setup” in a message to the bot
    • HINT: All bot messages must start with the bot name – e.g. @Vbrick setup
  • The first time you will be given a link to a web page for setup
  • On this web page you will need:
    • API Key – Create an API key in Rev admin if you need a new key
      • When creating a new key, use the redirect URL found on the bot setup page
    • API Key Secret – found with your API key
    • Rev hostname URL (e.g. https://company.rev.vbrick.com)
    • Save this information
  • Once this is saved, go back to your Webex Teams space and message “setup” again and this time you will be given a link to login into Rev
    • Each user will be required to login to Rev to use the bot so each user must message “setup” on their initial use

Rev Webex Teams Bot Commands

The Rev Webex Teams bot can recognize the following:
  • “start” to start a recording
  • “stop” to stop a recording
  • “search” to search your video library
  • “list” to fetch a list of recordings for that space
  • “help” if you forget these commands
  • “setup” for authentication and account setup

TIP: While the bot can only work with Teams spaces, you can do a personal recording by creating a space with only you and the Teams bot. This offers an easy way to create personal recordings in addition to meeting recordings.