Vbrick News

Vbrick News

Vbrick Expands Rev IQ Offering With Automated Closed Caption Translation
Rev’s webcasting capabilities have been enhanced to include multicast distribution for video conferencing and enhanced ad hoc webcasting with Cisco Webex.
Vbrick Announces Listing In Zoom App Marketplace
Rev is now listed in the Zoom App Marketplace, with a pre-built integration into it's industry-leading enterprise video platform
Vbrick Announces Continued Record Breaking Growth
Vbrick announced continued dramatic growth fueled by the adoption of its flagship product Rev across enterprise and federal government sectors.
Vbrick Announces Dramatic Increase In Corporate Webcasts As Companies Rush to Implement Video Streaming Solutions to Support Remote Work
Organizations are looking to video to support remote work as part of COVID-19 contingency planning
Vbrick Named Contender in 2020 Aragon Research Globe for Web and Video Conferencing
Vbrick has been named by Aragon Research as a Contender in the 2020 Aragon Research Globe for Web and Video Conferencing
Vbrick Announces Auto-import of Cisco Webex Meeting Recordings With March Rev Release
Rev automatically becomes the trusted enterprise video vault for all Webex meeting recordings across an enterprise.
Vbrick Expands Portfolio Of Collaboration Integrations With Support For Zoom And Microsoft Teams In Rev December Release
Zoom and Microsoft Teams users can now seamlessly leverage Rev to deliver live streaming video and securely manage recorded video content.
Vbrick Announces Enhanced Integration with Cisco Collaboration Solutions
Cisco Webex users can now easily stream directly to Rev enabling improved self-service webcast management and increased user generated content.
Vbrick Named Leader in 2019 Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video
Vbrick has been named a Leader in the 2019 Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video in an evaluation on completeness of strategy & performance
Vbrick Announces the Release of Rev IQ
Rev IQ uses artificial intelligence to automatically enrich videos with information about who appears in a video and what is being said.