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Stream to any Apple TV  display

Vbrick is the only enterprise video provider integrating live webcasts with Apple TV. This new integration allows our customers to more easily communicate, present and engage with employees and viewers by extending the Vbrick Rev video platform reach.  Every conference room with an Apple TV will stream live Webcasts scheduled in Rev – showing both the active speaker and their content/slides.  Imagine all your corporate TVs displaying your CEO Announcements or other live webcasts.

Vbrick Rev live streaming during business meeting
Vbrick Rev live streaming in office lobby

Intuitive and Customizable

  • Users can select any live Webcast, and display active speaker and slide content streams
  • Users can pick from a selection of presentation layouts customizing their playback experience
  • Administrators can centrally manage their Rev for Apple TV devices and webcasts
  • Administrators can customize the look-and-feel of the Apple TV application, including using their own logos and images – easily “creating” their own Apple TV application


We are highly ranked by top industry analysts with a 99.9% uptime and rock solid AWS Infrastructure.


Easily integrates with Cisco Spark and has Cloud, Hybrid & On-Premises Delivery options.


Some of our features include First Party eCDN (DME), Spark Bot, and real-time analytics, just to name a few.

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