Leverage Integration to Amplify the Power of Video

The North Star of the Vbrick product team is to enable our large enterprise customers to best leverage the power of video to engage, empower and transform their organizations. When thinking about enterprise video, our customers expect their enterprise video platform to address three core needs. 

An Enterprise Video Platform Needs To:

  1. Unify their video content and break down the video silos
  2. Extract all the value out of video content and make it discoverable
  3. Reach every employee with the most relevant video content    

In order to truly engage, empower and transform their organizations, our customers need to ensure they can reach every employee in an organization. The best way to reach and influence employees is to meet them “where they live (work)”.   Rather than force your employees to learn yet another application, yet another set of processes or to context switch between different applications to achieve a task, it is best if team members can benefit from the power of video in the context of the applications and business processes, they already know and leverage day in and day out.

An enterprise video platform must work seamlessly with existing enterprise collaboration and conferencing solutions.   This is an area that our product team has been investing in heavily and will continue to do so in 2020. 

Our recently released WebEx Meeting Recording Auto-Import functionality seamlessly imports WebEx meeting recordings from one or more WebEx sites and automatically provides enterprise video content management capabilities for those recordings.   In addition, the auto-import capability can be paired with our Rev IQ automated transcription, facial recognition and other automated enrichment to surface the value of the most relevant meeting recordings to all interested employees.

Our recently introduced Microsoft Teams integration allows employees to work within “a single pane of glass” with Microsoft Teams.   Microsoft Teams users can now share and collaborate video content from Rev within the Microsoft Teams application.   Users and Teams can easily share individual videos, categories of videos, a video channel or a calendar of upcoming live events all from within their Microsoft Team channels.

Our Zoom Meeting integration builds on our existing support for WebEx Meeting, WebEx Teams and SIP-compliant Video Endpoints to enable a self-service production studio capability, empowering anyone with access to Zoom or WebEx to create user generated content or live streaming events in their enterprise.

In some cases, our customers have a need to build truly bespoke or tailored experiences or need to integrate with their custom enterprise applications.  In those cases, the Rev Enterprise Video Platform offers a rich set of REST APIs and embedding capabilities to enable enterprise IT developers to build custom video experiences and workflows for their users.

As we proceed into 2020, we will continue to work closely with our customers to ensure that our Rev Enterprise Video Platform offers the integrations for the enterprise collaboration, enterprise learning, line of business applications and conferencing applications required to ensure that every employee in an organization can truly benefit from the power of video.