In the world of enterprise video, choosing the right platform is essential. Once you choose a system, you are very much tied to all of it, both the good and the bad. Unfortunately, many platforms lack important features, like mobile optimization, or have clunky interfaces that are overcomplicated and frustrating. Enterprise platforms are supposed to provide automation and workflows that will make your life easier but many platforms deliver unwelcome surprises once they’re deployed. In this blog we’ll explore the 3 “must-haves” when choosing an enterprise video platform.

Platform capabilities:

There is nothing worse than an enterprise platform that fails when you’re counting on it the most. When choosing an enterprise video platform, make sure that the technology behind the product is not only reliable but is forward looking. Don’t buy into aging technology that lacks scalability and redundancy. With a true cloud-native platform, like Rev™, you can easily stream to unlimited sources, across any device, while ensuring that your content is secure. The flexibility to go to any device, the scalability to add and subtract to your needs and the security to do all this behind your trusted in-house systems make a cloud-native EVP the perfect solution for all your video communication needs.

Platform Interface:

Enterprise video platforms should be appealing and as easy for your viewers to use as video consumer sites. An elegant interface that dynamically resizes for viewing from any number of mobile devices is key when shopping for the right system for your business. Rev’s streamlined, modern design and use of the latest web technologies provides an intuitive, dynamic interface designed to increase employee use. With Rev™, the power of the cloud has been harnessed into a sleek and easy-to-use package.


At the heart of every technology purchase is the question: how does this solve my problem? Business video purchases are no different. When choosing the right platform you must look at what the product can do for you. Does it offer scalability to fit your needs? Many video platforms rely on expensive and complex hardware upgrades for scalability. Rev™ harnesses the power of the cloud to offer limitless scalability when it’s needed. Is it flexible? Rev™ lets you use hardware as a common pool and dynamically allocate resources to different functions (such as user authentication) as needed. Finally, what is the pricing model? Traditional enterprise video platforms require that you plan and pay for the maximum capacity you could possibly need, regardless of your usage. With Rev’s user-based pricing, you pay only for what you use for maximum efficiency and simplicity.

Learn more about Rev™, the EVP of the future, in our free white paper “Why You’ll Need a Cloud-Native Video Platform to Manage the Imminent Video Surge”. Download it here