Professional Services

VBrick Professional Services

VBrick and it’s network of certified Partners can provide a full suite of Professional Services to ensure optimal performance of your network.

Assessment Services – A structured framework for a complete end-to-end strategy for successful deployment and high performance across any operating environment and all kinds of networks.

Feasibility Studies - Analysis of video, security and storage infrastructure to optimize product and network utilization.

System Architecture – Deployment strategy recognizing the demands, techniques and standards that have to be reconciled simultaneously.

Tune Up – Post implementation to determine optimal usage with relation to factors around reliability, availability, performance, network bandwidth and more.

VBrick Professional Services Methodology

VBrick professionals follow a PMI approved Project Management methodology for all projects. This methodology includes a 4 step (Vision, Plan, Implement, Close) repeatable process that ensures quality results for the customer, the reseller, and VBrick.


  • Initial period: work with the customer and/or reseller to define the project requirements.
  • Propose a solution that best meets the customer requirements. The intent is to always leave the customer ready for growth and fulfillment of future demands. (Business Analysis)
  • Create Scope of Work which details the system requirements, application requirements, hardware requirements, and a list of deliverables. The deliverables list will contain a customer sign-off.


  • With the deliverables list, the Project Manager determines the schedule and resources needed to deliver the results of the system requirements. This phase includes further decomposition of customer requirements to arrive at lower level specification and validation of deliverables’ list. Typically, this includes a meeting with the customer, reseller, and VBrick professionals.


  • This phase begins when the VBrick professional or professionals start implementing the solution. The VBrick professional or professionals execute the plan using best practices in Project Management making sure all the requirements in the statement of work are completed.


  • This phase begins when the VBrick professional is finishing implementing the solution. This phase ends when the customer tests and signs-off the promised deliverables in the Deliverables List. This assures the work has been completed to their satisfaction.
Implementation Services
Use your resources more effectively by using VBrick experts for efficient installation and integration of equipment with existing architecture:

  • Installation
  • System Integration
  • Customization
  • Product Management
  • Upgrade Assistance
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Onsite Troubleshooting

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