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A Video Streaming Solution Is Only As Good As the Sum of Its Parts

Using a fully integrated video capture, management, and distribution solution often correlates with higher overall video streaming success.  Consider integrated solutions as you evaluate your choices in the market.

Video and the Virtual Desktop – Problem Solved

Many companies in industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare and Government deploy virtual desktop environments with the aim of closely managing network security and user access, centralizing desktop management and delivering a uniform user experience for their employees. However, video delivery and consumption on virtualized environments is challenging. Vbrick and Citrix have worked together solve the problem with a solution to securely and efficiently deliver high definition video on virtual desktops.

Vbrick Rev Is FedRamp Authorized

Vbrick is now listed as “FedRAMP Authorized” on the FedRAMP Marketplace. This exciting milestone means government users can continue to use Rev with the confidence that our platform meets the rigorous security and risk management review process required by our US federal government partners.

Vbrick Announces Updates to Industry Leading Video Platform – Furthering Our Award-Winning Integration with Cisco’s Collaboration Stack

Vbrick is proud to announce updates to Rev Cloud, our industry-leading enterprise video platform.  This round of improvements further enhances our already extensive integrations with Cisco’s Collaboration architecture and improves user experience and capabilities.

Vbrick Rev Cloud Webex Integration Updates

New updates combine to make the existing Vbrick Rev + Cisco Webex integrations even easier to use, eliminating any manual copying of SIP URIs and making it easy for ANY user, not just a technical one, to hit the easy to use “Webex” button in Vbrick Rev.

Why You Need a Video Content Management System to Ensure Governance Success

A video content management system provides the platform for capturing and storing on-demand video and for streaming live, video content. A VCMS designed from the ground up to support enterprise scale can not only serve as a governance enforcement point, but can also provide an organization with access to an array of features to improve the ability to use video as a collaboration mechanism.

The Five Keys to Video Content Governance

Developing a successful content governance strategy requires addressing five key areas: Assessment, Access, Encryption, Approval, and Retention. Addressing these five components may not eliminate all risk, but it will ensure that organizations are proactively managing their video content assets in accordance with governance need, and are minimizing risk of unauthorized access and distribution.

Why You Can’t Ignore Streaming Video on Your Network

As video usage grows, doing nothing is no longer an option. IT leaders must meet enterprise demand for high quality video streaming, while ensuring that they protect available bandwidth for  latency sensitive traffic like phone calls and transactions. An eCDN provides the capability for proactive video management to deliver a high quality experience while optimizing network utilization.

Herndon Software Company Named 2018 Red Hot Company

Breakout Vbrick was recognized as a fast-growing company to watch in the region Vbrick, a leading enterprise video platform provider, announced today that it was recognized as one of the 2018 Red Hot Companies.

Video Can Devour Bandwidth, See How

Why web-based streaming services fail: bandwidth. Streaming live video across the corporate wide area network (WAN) presents a significant challenge in terms of managing and optimizing the finite resource of network bandwidth.

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